If you choose to read this post, I will need something from you, a commitment. You will listen closely and not judge me until I’am finished. If you cant commit to that then please go back and read another random post about 10 way to blah blah blah…

If you choose to stay, remember you choose to be here, whatever happens from now on, is not my responsibility, it’s yours. So, pay attention! This post will not be just about some points, we’ll talk about some serious stuff and call for introspection and improvement.

So you want to be a an awesome developer, maybe you already are a great one or maybe you are just beginning in the world creating things out of nothing.

Today we’ll be laying out some guidelines for you, to follow, to ensure that you remain true to this profession and not succumb to the triviality of the job.

But before we begin, I want you to think and find out why you choose to become a developer in the first place?

When I ask my fellows this question, I hardly get any serious answers. Some liked the money the job had to offer, some were just following the advice of their professors in college and some nerds like me say they just love writing code.

Whatever might be your reason to become a developer, I won’t get judgy. I respect you reasons. But, whatever might have been your reason, you spend most of your time of the day writing/reading code, and it would certainly increase your ability to be happy at your job if you can do something to produce good quality code, a notion which is lost on many working in this field today.

When your manager/lead hands you a task, and you’re sitting behind your machine, writing code to complete the task, there could be n number of ways in which you could structure your code. Most of the solutions that you come up with would be work just fine and accomplish the task in hand with no issues at all.

But there are a very few solutions, that would make you feel proud of what you wrote. So, its very important when you implement a solution that you ask yourself if you are proud of what you did, will your fellow coders be inspired by your elegant and beautifully structured solution, or will they go WTF! WTF! (yes, the WTF’s are inspired from Uncle Bob’s Clean Code)

This brings me to my first point

Coding is an Art

Some of you might disagree with this but I believe the chosen ones will know what I’m talking about. Before you judge me, maybe lookup what is art?

Art is anything that requires personal creative thought

I think we can all agree that when you are trying implement a solution to any problem, you require creative thought. Coding is just another sub category.


Every work of Art tells something about the Artist. The way you choose to write code tells about you and how much care about it. Make sure that the final version of your code will make your team feel good about your project and inspire to keep it that way with their efforts

From the name of a variable to the declaration of a function, your code should feel effortless, pleasing and have a satisfying feel in it.

This brings me to the second point

Leave your mark!

There are 8 billion people on this planet, almost all distinctly recognizable from diverse set of preferences that we have for different aspect of life. The different environments that we grow up in, shapes our imagination. So it’s evident that we’ll have different approaches to solve a single problem.

Coding is no different. How your code turn out depends on the decisions that you make while writing code, and the decisions we make are reminiscent of what we are!

So, leave your mark when laying out the beautiful snippet of code, go the extra mile, spend the extra hour, let the code feel like you!

With project deadlines and pressures we have succumbed to the practice of writing mediocre code, the notion that if it works its good enough. You are well within our rights to argue that it’s getting difficult to write feel good code and keep up the deadlines.

Do it anyway! Yes, that’s all I have to say. And that should be enough. The good feeling that you get when you write an elegant piece of code should be your motivation to put in the extra effort because your manager doesn’t care about your feel good code, so you have to care and protect it.

This brings us to the third point

Follow best practices at your craft

I remember this saying by a designer — you don’t need someone else’s permission to follow best practices at your craft. You are in control of your actions. If your manager doesn’t give a damn you have to because you will benefit from it. (If your manager gives a damn then you are a lucky duck!).

Just remember that you are doing it for you and your craft and forget everything else.

So go on to work tomorrow, and make yourself proud!

If you feel like sharing some thoughts, don’t think, just write it in the comments below!

Developing instincts for the right way!